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François berléand with his in irresistible husband’s ghost, jealous of the pretenders (the living) to his wife an actress (solar Michèle Laroque)… She is the only one to see it and hear it, then that it was reluctant to go back on the boards since his bereavement. The piece Fabrice Roger-Lacan is not without weakness, but it is pleasant, and the staging farm of Bernard Murat gives him the nerve, in a good rhythm. In a setting well-cut and colorful, the apartment, and then in a wrap, which suggests the theatre, scenography Nicolas Sire transfigured by the light of Laurent Castaingt, the comedy is going well. Michèle Laroque, François berléand with his, Lionel Abelanski, Vinnie Dargaud will make you laugh of good heart, between emotion and delirium. There are also a lot of charm in the words and in situations. A very good entertainment.

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“for a moment” at the Théâtre Edouard VII. 10, place Edouard VII (Ninth). Tel.: 01 47 42 59 92. Opening hours: mar. at the sam. at 21 h, sat. at 17 h, dim. at 15: 30. Duration: 1: 40 pm. Until the beginning of June. Seats: from 10 to 70 €.


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The Dream of a summer night

What better venue to represent this comedy magical as the Theatre du Ranelagh, the nave is wooded to the sombre beauty ready to transport you to the land of the lost children of Peter Pan? In The Dream , Shakespeare dares and allows all. It is a question, in the tale, fairies, evil spells, philtres of love, royal wedding and stage actors. Up the loves of a woman with a donkey. The staging of Matthew Hornuss does not skimp on the means to create the magic. Better, it is just 80 minutes and six actors to swallow the text of Shakespeare and its two dozen characters into a joke comical, which made laugh a lot. Special Mention to Thomas Nucci, ass lewd, goblin, hyperactive and, in the text, amateur acting hilarious.

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“The Dream of a summer night”, fantastic in Ranelagh. Ben Dumas


Translated from the catalan and directed by Eric Civanyan, a comedy by Jordi Galceran has an interpretation outrageous: Daniel Russo in the face of Didier Bénureau. One is in the office of an adviser to a large bank. The man has the difficult mission to accept or to refuse a loan to one of its customers. The client does not appear quite wealthy, he refuses. Except that this commensal is not likely to let it go. And it is at this time that the comedy squeaky can start. It must be said that the two actors at the bar are quite exceptional and that the stage director Eric Civanyan knows her job like an old fox. There is Didier Bénureau who plays the client, such that, in itself, perfect of ambiguity and false obsequiousness as a treat. And then Daniel Russo, that is no more him no more. One of these actors is rare, present at every second, generous and enthusiastic.

“Credit” at the Gaîté Montparnasse 26, rue de la Gaîté (Xiv). Tel.: 01 43 22 16 18. Opening hours: mar. at the sam. at 21h, sam. and dim. 16 h.-Seat: 18 to 40 €.

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Jean-Louis XIV

In all of the French, there is a theater that slumbers. Being iconoclastic is a national sport and it is not our democracy that is complaining. Nicolas Lumbreras has therefore decided to pay the King-Sun. Her little musical comedy, a “Comedy-Boulevardo-Musicalo-Royalist” to be more precise, is part of a type of piece that triumph in Paris, like The Large Diamond of the prince Ludwig . That is to say, the idea is to entertain and entertain it again. It is successful. The satire is fun, and could even be excellent with a topic (the loves of Louis XIV) who is not lost, a few cuts, fewer facilities and a more sustained pace. All things that will even more improve with time as the distribution is excellent. Emmanuelle Bougerol, especially, Constance Plaice and Benjamin Gauthier in a number of dazzling old crazy.

“Jean-Louis XIV” the Theatre of the Rams, Paris, 14 bis, rue Sainte-Isaure (Xviii).
Tuesday to Saturday at 21H, Sundays at 15h, march 14, 2019 April 21, 2019.


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Barber Shop Quartet

of Course, this Barber Shop Quartet is not really a theatre training, but there was so much talent that it is not necessary that you don’t miss this quartet, which begins to see his circle of admirers widened. By participating in the great american tradition of the customers who enjoyed to push the song in the shop has barbers, it offers a fantasy musical, spoken, sung, vaguely danced with words of humor, situation and burlesque jousting voice. The kind of shows which flourished in Paris and which is pleasing because it provides a moment of relaxation and that it is very well done. A bath in a good mood.
” The criticism in its entirety

“Barber Shop Quartet” at the Théâtre Essaïon 6 rue Pierre-au-Lard (IVe).
Tel.:01 42 78 46 42. Opening hours: tour and mar. at 19: 45, 12 march to 28 may.
Duration: 1: 20 pm. Tickets: € 15 – € 25.



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