On the sunny terrace of the Marriott hotel, Jean Dujardin arrives late, but with the big smile. As perked up by the very warm reception that the public of the Fortnight has reserved for his film Fallow directed by Quentin Dupieux. The one who won the best actor Oscar for The Artist in 2012, is precisely that: a jacket in suede and boots made of this material, the same whose character in the film falls head over high heels to the point of obsession. Around him, busy journalists and photographers, but Dujardin remains calm and pays attention to everyone, without thinking it seems for a moment as he makes his grand return to the Croisette after a decade…

LE FIGARO. – That is what it’s like to return to the Cannes film Festival after such a long absence?

Jean DUJARDIN. – It is very joyful. I feel quite nine, in fact. I have the impression that I return to Cannes for the first time. In reality, I never come to Cannes… look at me …

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