Paris in the summer do looks more. The subways débondent, les pervenches sting of the nose, on the Sevastopol the plugs is lead as the rosé in Pornichet, even the servers in the Café de la Paix, have better mine. A little more, and they you finally got a smile. Should not be overstated. This is the moment chosen by Laurence de Magalhaes and Stéphane Ricordel, the co-directors of the event, to invest the capital. Their festival is not lying. Festival Paris in the summer, it means what it means. Theatre, dance, circus, music and, in the case where it wouldn’t be enough, “art, scenes & sun”, promises the brochure…

Established in 1990 under the leadership of Jack Lang, it was called up until then the Festival Paris summer quarters. Thirty years later, it has fallen off the “neighborhoods” to better venturing beyond the device, in Aubervilliers, Pantin, Bagneux, or the wood of Vincennes. We will play the same up to the château de Jossigny, Seine-et-Marne, including the pamphlet if excuse that it is not served by …

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