A huge success and suddenly can be very unsettling when one isn’t prepared for it. Rupert Grint, who has played Ron, the best friend of Harry Potter in the saga of the same name, has made the bitter experience. The british actor, now aged 30, told the Daily Mail on the price of fame. Its existence has really turned 11 years old, the age he had in 2001, when the first movie came out. “I struggled to remember my life before, it took me a long time to get there”, he says.

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Caught up in the steamroller of success, Rupert Grint admits being “a little bit lost on the way”. “With the celebrity end, we can no more dissociate the character that one embodies,” he said. Then, when the adventure Harry Potter has touched to its end, in 2007, the actor red faced a lot of difficulties to close this chapter of this first. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do,” he admits. He also realized he was past many things. And in particular, that he had “lost contact with many school friends”. The interpreter of Ron Weasley wanted to simply “return to a semblance of life”. That is why he has decided to “take a break” in his career.

Always a nostalgia for the time when he was not famous

Twelve years after the end of the madness Harry Potter , Rupert Grint is delivered in the saddle: he has appeared in several films and series such as Snatch , inspired by the gangster film self-titled released in 2000. It is also in a couple of long-standing with the british actress Georgia Groome. But retains a nostalgia for the time when he was not yet familiar with the celebrity. “It is always difficult to go unnoticed”, he complained. While sometimes, he would simply “go to B&Q (a diy store and gardening, editor’s NOTE) incognito…

The saga imagined by J. K. Rowling has had a positive effect on the life of the actor: it has allowed him to earn more than 31 million euros, according to estimates. This fortune doesn’t seem to enthuse to any great extent. “I don’t know exactly how much money I have, the money motivates me not really”, he says. Before you recognize that Harry Potter allows her to live “comfortably”. The celebrity did not, it is true, that’s bad…


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