See the beauty of Paris, London or New York through a long-view. This is the original idea that guided the photojournalist Guillaume Squinazi. This artist, a former student of Fine Arts is currently presenting the fruit of his work in a beautiful exhibition located in the historic librairie Fontaine Haussmann, Marcel Proust, there are more than a century already, loved to come and just find the rare books that he treasured.

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Between two stories for our friends in the Figaro Magazine and our colleagues in the World and Release , Guillaume Squinazi wanted to let us distill some of his production secrets. An interview to see and read by the large end of the telescope.

LE FIGARO. – How is born your idea of capturing Paris, London and New York through the prism of a long-view?

Guillaume SQUINAZI. – It’s in strolling in Paris, where I live, at seeing a monument, as a tourist, I have used this wonderful magnifying glass. The vision that one then discovers is magical, evanescent but unfortunately short-lived. I wanted to make it eternal.

What process did you have to imagine to take your pictures through a telescope?

It was necessary to develop an approach ad hoc as no device in the world may not directly produce this type of image. I had to solve different and complex technical constraints. It took me to simultaneously manage two updates, both of the long-view and that of my camera. I created an adapter in order to be able to position the right distance for my Canon 5D to the long-view. Finally. I had to compensate for the loss of important light produced by the two focal lengths, and take into account the lights polluting returning sometimes in the framework. For the anecdote, know that in London the monoculars are digital. I had to use mine and move it to the main tourist attractions of the English capital.

Have you seen the cities differently with your “long-view”?

The infinitely large that is confined in a circle infinitely small is, on balance, the exact opposite approach of that of a photojournalist than I am. But it can also show moments of humanity, of heat such as the photo of the rooftops of Paris, where we see a chimney smoking. This approach is surprising, it shows the beauties unsuspected and that is why I now continue my work in other major cities around the world.

● Guillaume Squinazi exposes his series monoculars until February 5 at the Library Fountain Haussmann (50, rue de Laborde, 75008 Paris). It will also publish at the end of February a book, Long-views of Paris . The book will be available on


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