Already 17 broadcasts or documentaries filmed, more than 130 press accreditation requested for the opening on the 24th of October, and 100,000 entries sold on the booking site (mandatory) To J-45 from the main exhibition, organized in the framework of the 500 years of the death of the genius from tuscany, in exclusive for Le Figaro , the two curators of the Louvre have agreed to raise a corner of the veil and say where they are. Confidences exclusive, between stress and enthusiasm growing, Vincent Delieuvin, in charge of the Italian painting of the Sixteenth century, and Louis Frank, archivist and paleographer, a member of the department of graphic arts.

LE FIGARO. – The Louvre museum, since July 17, the renovation of the hall of the States, with the displacement of The mona lisa on the second floor of the Richelieu wing, cause major disruptions, hours of queuing…

Vincent DELIEUVIN. – This move was …

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