Vanessa Paradis has succeeded like no other to alternate between film and music with equal enthusiasm. Five years after the double album Love Songs , she was keen to work with the English Paul Butler on a collection of songs that reveal the handwriting of Samuel Benchetrit, the author and composer of several titles.

LE FIGARO. – Your new album, Sources , is a disk positive and joyful. Have you wanted to?

Vanessa PARADIS. – Yes. I wanted something bright. The songs guitar-voice may be melancholy or sad and I needed the sun this time. A sound that does me good, and also, if possible, to those who will listen. This is not a drive carefree for all that. It is deep without being serious. The idea was to talk about love, nature and dreams. There is a lot of dreams on this disc.

“I felt like a brass, strings, choirs, elements that color the songs, and the score to the soul music that I love so much”

How did you choose the English Paul Butler?

I wanted brass, strings, choirs, elements that color the songs, and …

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