our special envoy to Venice

Certainly, the Venice Biennale, once a small bastion of amateurs, artists, even bohemian, even curious more or less désargentés, looks more and more at the Cannes film Festival, with its parties, its stars, its sounds insistent and often fake, its blows of heart and instant its détestations irreparable. And his audience is growing: 5300 journalists, welcomed to the podium the president Paolo Baratta, happy as the father of the bride in this day of charts. Plugs huge so Ca GGiustinian to the HEADQUARTERS of the Venice Biennale, this morning (Saturday 11 may, to attend the award ceremony of the 58th edition. A vintage nerd like his jury, as black as the young world contemporary faces of the past wars and their bombardment of images, terrified by the human drama of refugees and the political issue of migration, often disillusioned and worried. Dystopia is a queen.

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The Golden Lion, the most anticipated is always the one of the Best Flag. Not to Laure Prouvost, the fresh face in the room at the start of the ceremony, so the chances of France seemed suddenly distant. It only appeared after the fact, to “congratulate its friends” in Lithuania, evidence of its beautiful nature and sports education in the uk. It is in the final Lithuania and his trio of artists Lina Lapelyte, Vaiva Grainyte and Rugile Barzdziukaite, who have received this award beating all the hearts. With a nice sweetness of a choir, they corresponded well with the lightness that radiated from their range, top view, where all the swimmers start one at a time to sing, Sun & Sea (Marina) . A Opera-performance for 13 voices arrival of one of the three baltic countries, the land of song, and resilience, and that there was tracking at the Maggazino N°42, Marina Militare at the Arsenal. Sophie Calle, the conceptual artist, the French recommended to his family and has referred a number of happy to the discovery of the baltic.

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both applaud and ye-ye singers who

A special Mention has been awarded to the Belgian Pavilion for its installation delusional to the Giardini, which transforms the little people of the traditions in stereotypes automated and met beings of a deadly pallor, behind the bars of a life that is clearly atrocious. Black Humour, ugliness claimed, message dark enough emphasis, there were fans on the side united kingdom reviews or Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, curator of Documenta (13), of war and nerd, in Kassel in 2012. The two artists Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys have received their awards with humour and panache. They have been both applauded and ye-ye singers who.

The Golden Lion for the best artist participating in the international exhibition was awarded, under the thunders of applause, the african-american artist Artur Jafa, born in 1960 in Tupelo. It is a figure of the scene of Los Angeles that we have seen last summer at the Luma Foundation in Arles. Braids african pepper-and-salt, power in the approach and beautiful insurance male amidst the “cool attitude”, Artur Jafa has proposed The White Album , a 50-minute video in which this singer of “images of blackness” confronts, in a montage often very hard for its historical reality and its actuality, “the madness and the violence of supremacist whites” and his love for his “friends who happen to be white”. It is, therefore, a long questioning, “between essay, poem and a gallery of portraits”, the very idea of a race.

Viva Mexico!

The silver Lion for a Young artist of great promise has been awarded with the Cyprus to Berlin, Haris Epaminonda, sylphide any white born in 1980 in Nicosia. His installation at the Arsenal part of the Greek word phainesthai from where arose the words phenomenon and phenomenology, something that speaks to the curator Ralph Rugoff, a man of words. It is based on the novel of Adolfo Bioy Casares, The Invention of Morel (1940), in which a man falls in love with a woman who appears to him every dusk on top of a cliff. Like all artists of the international exhibition, she was able to show two works, two ideas, two directions, one to the Arsenal, the other in the central Pavilion in the Giardini. This double exposure of the opposites allows for a better understanding of a process, especially if contemplative and heavenly.

Despite his legendary charm, Alex Mor, the young merchant colombian of the parisian gallery Mor-Charpentier has not been able to enter the HQ stormed the Biennale, even in the pleading the fact that one of its artists was in the top. He missed the death in the soul, the beautiful speech in Spanish of the Mexican Teresa Margolles for this “special Mention awarded to one participating artist” in May You Live In Interesting Times , the international exhibition that reflects the choice of the commissioner-general, the very american Ralph Rugoff. Born in 1963 in Culiacán, Mexico, this small format volunteer is all dressed in black, tight jeans with the hat and glasses, as a guerillera. “This conceptual artist’s gaze is a feminist on the brutality of the narco-violence that pervert his country,” explains the catalog of the 58th Biennial (559 pages!). She has “dedicated her award to the women and children who have died of this violence and the women who fight against it,” in a country “that was the most violent of the modern world, ten years ago, when (she) was representing Mexico at the Biennale, and which has not been amended since” (she is also represented by Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich).

The other “special Mention awarded to one participating artist” has been awarded to the fort noticed biennials, Otobong Nkanga, artist born in Nigeria in 1974 and located in Belgium in Antwerp. “Referring to the movements and exchanges (often violent) of minerals, energy, food and population, the work of Otobong Nkanga reminds us that objects and actions are never isolated. There is always a connection, an impact”, analysis of the catalog of this vintage are very political, not to say very politically correct if we counted the number of african american artists, african and women, these minorities long excluded from the parity. Veins Aligned , is a long installation of marble and Murano glass that goes to the heart of the Arsenal (it is represented by three galleries, very strong, Mendes Wood DM Gallery, Lumen Travo Gallery, and In Situ Fabienne Leclerc Gallery in Paris!).

strange Sculptures

Finally, as with every biennale, a Lion d’or of honor was awarded to an artist who marked the contemporary history. So this is the time Jimmie Durham, a man absolutely unclassifiable born in 1940 in the United States, legend of the art who lives and works in Berlin. It is mounted, proud as a Apache, on the podium with his walker. The cheers were unleashed as the art world likes this conceptual that the strange sculptures always leave a second impression in the brain. Ralph Rugoff has paid tribute with heat “this artist who has been an inspiration for thirty years”.

Standing against a pillar, red, happiness, Michel Rein, his gallerist and friend of paris, cried out bravo more strong than all the world; “on the occasion of the award of the Golden Lion, I feel more than ever proud to accompany Jimmie Durham for nearly twenty years. I had met the work for the first time in 1996 in an exhibition at the Frac champagne ardenne in Reims, where Jimmie Durham had caillassé for several days in a sudden pavers an old refrigerator to make this object dedicated to the discharge of a work of art for eternity. Beyond the simple observation of violence in the world, sculptures, films or the performances of Jimmie Durham offer a utopia or reigning nobility, poetry and humor. It is, in my eyes, the artist of the reconciliation between human communities, between man and other living beings, the more close to the Nature”. In lieu of a speech Jimmie Durham has started singing like an indian of the plains. Brief Moment and magic.