let’s say it right away because the place lack: any criticism will be at the height of the power of this story. It is little to say that it appears turned upside-down, groggy, by this history and the manner in which it is told. On November 1, 1968, in Biarritz, on the rocks facing the sea in this place nicely called the Love Room, a wave swept the Annie, twenty years ago. His brothers Jean-Marie and Bernard, and Gilles, the love of the girl, were with her. They survived. This event shocked much of course the whole family. But nobody has almost never talked about. Oh, a photo of Annie sat on a piece of furniture in the living room, but when a curious and were to ask for id, he answered: “It is a friend of the family.”

The narrator, Jean-Marie, is the little brother of Annie, five years younger. He has erased from his memory the death of his sister, “an athlete of amnesia”, as he calls himself. A clear elevated to the rank of art “On November 1, 1968 as a brand that …

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