The accusations have rained down on R. Kelly for decades. In a statement posted on its Twitter account, the very media lawyer Michael Avenatti – who defends in particular the actress pornographic Stormy Daniels in his litigation against the president Donald Trump – says he has a “new video proof of establishing the guilt” of the singer to the attorney of Cook county in Chicago, where live R. Kelly. It shows, he says, a sexual relationship between Robert Kelly, his real name, and a girl to be “minor”.

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accusations refuted by the singer. “Mr. Kelly denies being addicted to any illegal behavior, of any kind,” responded his lawyer in a statement sent to several media outlets. The singer is accused of paedophilia and sexual assault for decades. He had been charged in 2002 for having filmed sexual acts between him and a young girl of 14 years, but eventually acquitted in 2008.

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A video has never been published

According to Michael Avenatti, this new 45-minute video has never been published before. The lawyer explains to want to “bring this predator to justice.” Contacted by AFP, the service of the prosecutor has refused to confirm or deny that an investigation was ongoing, but, according to the magazine New Yorker , R. Kelly could be charged and arrested.

According to the tv channel CNN, who has seen the video, two men appear above. “We see a naked man who appears to be R. Kelly having more sex with daughter”, describes the american chain. “It is not possible to determine its age only from the video,” says CNN, while stating that the naked man resembling R. Kelly and the girl evoke the genitals of the latter by saying that they have “14 years”.

R. Kelly has been briefly married, in 1994, with the young star of 15 years old, Aaliyah, whose parents had done, then cancel the wedding. The singer and actress who has since died in a plane crash. It is income in the turmoil with the release in the beginning of the year of the documentary Surviving R. Kelly , in which multiple women accused the singer and producer of 52 years having had sexual relations with girls under the age of 16 years, and to be surrounded by women he has made his sex slaves.

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An investigation had been opened in New York. The prosecutor of Chicago Kim Foxx was launched on the 8th of January a call to witnesses to investigate the charges. The attorney Atlanta (Georgia), where the singer also has a property, survey also on him, according to several local media. As to the record label Sony Music, she has terminated the contract binding them to the interpreter of I Believe I Can Fly .