A nutritionist told me how to lose five pounds without harm to health

British nutritionist Rudy Mawer refuted the myth that rapid weight loss is impossible without abuse of the body.

According to the portal Change is very real to lose 4-5 pounds, without giving up the delicious food and not causing harm.

Central to this approach is the identification of the causes of excess weight and complex change approach to nutrition.

Mower calls not to abandon the carbohydrates, because of their total lack of even leads to weight gain, not weight loss.

Nutritionist recommends to exclude from the menu of starchy carbs, replacing them with plant carbohydrates with a high content of fiber and fibres. In the “black list” turned out to be pasta, rice, other grain products, and potatoes.

the Best diet for weight loss contains a lot of protein and vegetables, legumes, beans and greens. On this diet people lose weight by 4-5 pounds in a week, and the first effects are visible already next day. In addition, it is important to exercise regularly to accelerate metabolism and maintain the tone.

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