A petition to fire the speaker of the Parliament of Dagestan has signed more than 15 thousand people

Already more than 15 thousand inhabitants of the Republic of Dagestan signed a petition demanding the resignation of the speaker of Parliament of Dagestan Khizri Shihsaidov.

the Appeal appeared on the website Change.org after may 18, participating in a video conference with the head of state, shihsaidov on behalf of the local residents asked the President of Russia, “not to delay” amendment to the Constitution. “People are asking, people are waiting for this”, said the speaker.

the Words Shihsaidova caused anger among residents of Dagestan. Words Shihsaidova —”a clear indication of detachment of the Chairman of the National Assembly from the real plight of the situation and the situation in Dagestan,” said the author of the petition demanding his resignation.

In comments to the letter that is addressed to Preisdent Russia, Shihsaidova was accused of betraying the interests of the people and fawning.

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