A neglect that may cost expensive. According to the German radio station Deutsche Welle, a man has forgotten a pitcher by Pablo Picasso during a train ride in Germany, there are about two weeks. The work, done in ceramic, is the result of the series Owl , a Spanish painter, and its value is estimated to be at least 10,000 euros, according to its owner. On 15 February, the man, 76-year-old was travelling in a train from Kassel in the direction of Düsseldorf. This is when a change in correspondence to Hamm that he has forgotten the valuable cargo on the train. The passenger immediately reported the disappearance, but the bag containing the pitcher was already gone. The German police does everything it can to help the dizzy to find her well.

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According to police, the room, made of ceramic, measuring 26 cm high and was designed in 1953 by Picasso in his workshop Madoura in Vallauris. The federal police of Münster has launched an appeal for witnesses, to collect the information of anyone who may have seen the traveller to forget the invaluable jug.

In 2016, a pitcher also from the collection Owl had been stolen from an art gallery in Manhattan. The work, whose value was estimated at $ 30,000 would have been created by Picasso in 1955. It is a model almost identical to the one missing in Germany this year.

Picasso had developed a real passion for birds, and especially birds of night, which had staked its works. Evidenced by its numerous sculptures and ceramics that are inspired by owls and owls. It is in the Madoura studio in Vallauris at the time that the artist has discovered his fascination for these animals. During the summer of 1946, Picasso met the owners of the shop, Georges and Suzanne Ramié, by chance on a craft fair in the city in Golfe-Juan. He then decided to settle on from 1948 to 1955, creating vases, plates, pitchers, fruit dishes, tiles, earthenware.

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