A temporary memorial to fallen medics will be replaced by a constant

After the end of the pandemic in St. Petersburg is the national memorial physicians, who died from the coronavirus, will install permanent. This was stated by the Governor Alexander Beglov in his response to the appeal of the Deputy of city legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.

“the Government of St. Petersburg supported the initiative to install a memorial on the green areas near the house № 15 on street of Professor Popova. It is advisable to put in a temporary modular design with places for photos. The decision on installation will be possible after the end of the pandemic, as the need to hold a public discussion,” the letter says.

“of Course, now it’s a pandemic — must be preserved national memorial at Malaya Sadovaya, where people bring flowers and candles, — said Boris Vishnevsky. — But then it is necessary to organize a permanent place because now a memorial placed on the temporary construction fence, and after the repair of this fence will be removed”.

Recall now the wall hanging 38 photos of St. Petersburg’s doctors.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that opposite to the popular “wall of memory” with names of physicians, who died from coronavirus infection, build a summer café.

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