Jean-Louis Bauer has been pursuing for years a work of a playwright with fever and passion. There is in him a kind of purity that makes good in the world today. His pieces are always interesting, but often suffer from deconstruction and logorrhée. That is to say, we went to see this twin Paradox in a spirit mixed.

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The surprise is all the more enjoyable. Is this the hand of friendship by Elisabeth Bouchaud, director of the Theater of the White Queen and actress, the attention emotional the film director Bernadette Le Saché (great actress, by the way), but his piece is dedicated to Marie Curie is not only good and interesting but held and rigorous.

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The topic, of course, is not new, and the strong personality of Marie Curie is willing to make a character for the theatre. But Jean-Louis Bauer avoids all the pitfalls that can lead to the kind: the lesson, the historical reminders, the compunction of the characters…

Bauer tells the love story of our Polish adoption with the physicist Paul Langevin, while teaching us a few things about the twin paradox. It is fine, quite funny at moments, and we always put the spirit in awakening.

in order To play it, it is necessary, of course, a staging of probe (it is therefore of Bernadette The Saché) and good actors. Elisabeth Bouchaud is perfectly credible. As Karim Kadjar. And Sabine Haudepin is also fair.

on The day we were there, there were school. Not a noise in the room: they went out happy! BOOK >

● “The Twin Paradox”, the Theatre of la Reine Blanche : 2 bis passage Ruelle (Xviii).
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