One of the women accusing R. Kelly of sexual abuse was expressed for the first time in the press, saying feel “liberated” since she has denounced the actions of the american star of the song. “I live with it since 2003,” said Lanita Carter during an interview, which will be aired this Thursday, march 28, on CBS.

“I had to listen to conversations while I was sitting in the bus:” You have seen what they have done to R. Kelly? You have to let it quiet'”, she explains, in reference to the popular support that has long received the artist, in spite of several accusations of crimes of a sexual nature. “And I couldn’t defend myself,” she continued. “Today, I said enough is enough. You can talk to me. You may not like what I say about your favorite singer. But this is my life, this is my truth, this is all I have.”

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Lanita Carter is one of the four victims alleged R. Kelly, who has been charged with ten counts of sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances in his hometown of Chicago. These counts are punished each of three to seven years in prison. The facts allegedly occurred between 1998 and 2010 and have been highly publicized since the release of the documentary Surviving R. Kelly on the string Lifetime . Robert Kelly, 52, has decided to plead not guilty.

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Three of the four women were underage at the time of the supposed facts. Lanita Carter was 24 years old. While she styled hair the hair of R. Kelly, the latter would have wanted to force him to perform fellatio. As she had refused, according to his words, he would have masturbated on it. According to court documents, Lanita Carter has sent the justice a clothing on which the DNA of the singer. “If I die tomorrow, I know I said the truth,” she explains in the interview, with tears in her eyes. Before concluding: “It is hard when it is a celebrity. This is not easy to talk to.”