Here’s some news that will delight fans of David Bowie. On 28 June, they will be able to put the hand to The Mercury Demos , a vinyl lp, brand new the man of a thousand faces: a disk of ten models, recorded in 1969 before the interpreter of Life On Mars ? do not sign a contract with Mercury Records, reveals the magazine Rolling Stone . From sessions studios with guitarist John Hutchinson, the demos in question are versions for the most part never heard of the songs of the Thin White Duke, registered in order to poach the record company.

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“This is a recording session banal songs as “Bowie & Hutch” performed in concert at the time and had immortalized at the request of Mercury Records, is it indicated on the official website of the british musician, who died in 2016. (…) These models have played a key role in the contract that was signed David with Mercury Records.”

The disc is made up of nine previously unissued recordings, as well as a version of the song Space Oddity that the fans had already been able to discover in the box Sound + Vision . Among the pieces are the titles Janine , an Occasional Dream and Letter to Hermione , released on the album Space Oddity in 1969 and the songs Ching-A-Ling and Lover To The Dawn . Also of note, the covers of Life Is A Circus of Roger Bunn and Love Song of Lesley Duncan. The vinyl of The Mercury Demos is available for pre-order on the site of David Bowie.

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MERCURY DEMOS LP BOX DUE IN JUNE “I recall how we lived on the corner of a bed…” As part of the ongoing Space Oddity 50 celebrations and following the recent Spying Through A Keyhole and Clareville Grove Demos collections, Parlophone is releasing a further set of recordings known as The ‘Mercury’ Demos on 28th June 2019. The ‘Mercury’ Demos are 10 early Bowie recordings captured live in one take to a Revox reel to reel tape machine in David’s flat in spring 1969, with Bowie on vocals, guitar and Stylophone and with accompaniment from John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson on guitar and vocals. The version of ‘Space Oddity’ from the Demos, originally released with edits on the S&V box, is presented here in its true context for the first time. The other recordings on the album are all previously unreleased. In addition to Bowie originals, the session also includes the Roger Bunn’s Life Is A Circus (which features as an earlier demo version on the Clareville Grove Demos set) and the Lesley Duncan composition, Love Song, later recorded by Elton John for his Tumbleweed Connection album. David’s own Conversation Piece is announced as ‘a new song’ and Janine features a short section sung to the melody of The Beatles’ Hey Jude. The session was a document of the ‘Bowie & Hutch’ duo’s set of the time recorded at the request of Mercury Records A&R man Calvin Mark Lee for his boss Bob Reno. Both Calvin and Bob are referenced during the 41-minute recording which was key in securing David his deal with Mercury Records. The ‘Mercury’ Demos comes in a replica of the original tape box and will feature 1 mono 33 1/3 rpm vinyl LP, print, two-photo contact sheets and sleeve notes by Mark Adams. The labels of the LP feature the same EMIDISC acetate styling as Spying Through A Keyhole and Clareville Grove Demos with the song titles in David’s own handwriting. Side 1 Space Oddity Janine an Occasional Dream Conversation Piece Ching-a-Ling I’m Not Quite ” (aka Letter To Hermione) Side 2 Lover To The Dawn Love Song When I’m Five Life Is A Circus #BowieTheMercuryDemos

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