Academician called nonspecific symptoms of coronavirus

the Rector of the First Moscow state medical University. I. M. Sechenov Peter Glybochko said that in patients with COVID-19 can be observed violations of blood clotting and blockage of blood vessels and cutaneous manifestations.

In an interview with TASS academician called non-specific symptoms of coronavirus erythematous changes of the extremities, the skin of the chest and abdomen, as well as violations of the blood coagulation, quite a high number of thrombosis and emboli.

sechenovskiy Rector of the University noted that COVID-19 hard to tolerate people with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. He also reminded that these diseases predispose to a higher risk of infection by coronavirus.

today, the media reported that Glybochko himself contracted the coronavirus.

Total capital to date, 185 of 374 thousand recorded cases of coronavirus.

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