The conductor of the israeli-argentine Daniel Barenboim has defended itself Friday from any authoritarianism after the criticism of former musicians of his orchestra of the state opera, the first opera in berlin. As a result of the first critical reviews of anonymous in the press, ex-members of the Staatskapelle, the orchestra of the opera and percussionist Willi Hilgers have attacked the methods of Daniel Barenboim, in office since 1992 and at least until 2022.

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“The question is : if I treated him so unfair, why is he stayed here for 12 or 13 years old ? I doubt its good faith in this matter,”

Daniel Barenboim

The text of Mr. Hilgers, posted on Facebook, has been approved by other musicians. This musician conjures up a “depression” due, according to him, the authoritarian style of Daniel Barenboim 76 years of age, and ensures that many others think like him, but do not dare say it publicly, for fear of being expelled from the Staatskapelle. “Of course I remember [Mr. Hilgers]. But the question is: if I treated him so unfair, why is he stayed here for 12 or 13 years old? I doubt its good faith in this matter,” said Daniel Barenboim, the German press agency DPA. According to him, the percussionist “had weaknesses in rhythm”. “I told him about it and, of course, I’ve criticized, this is my job”.

A targeted campaign

To the head of the israeli-argentine, this campaign is linked to the ongoing negotiations for it to be extended to the position of musical director of the orchestra. He is also chief conductor for life of the Staatskapelle. These criticisms are “related to a campaign to prevent me to remain in Berlin”, wants to believe Daniel Barenboim. “Otherwise, the charges would have been brought in the last year, there were five or ten years. It is not as if I had always been a good man and that I became suddenly ill”.

For him, the “climate music” is excellent within the orchestra. It puts the critics on the account of”one, two, or five people who are not entirely met”. “Maybe am I a bit too slow with my tempos for some, a little too fast for others, a little too passionate for some, too cold for others,” he says.

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“The conductor determines the speed and the volume. In this regard, he is like a dictator – of course I am”, goes-t-he. Child prodigy and pianist of great talent, Daniel Barenboim has conducted the greatest orchestras of the world.