Woody Allen has attacked Thursday Amazon before the american justice for abusive rupture of contract. It accuses the internet giant to have put an end to their commitment on the basis of old accusations of sexual abuse aimed at the developer, according to his lawyers.

According to the summons filed by the law firm Quinn Emanuel in front of a federal court civil of Manhattan, the director requires, at minimum, $ 68 million in Amazon, under the contract which was binding, and included the production and distribution of four films.

The filmmaker says that Amazon has sought to put an end to the engagement which bound the two parties in June and has refused ever since, to pay him the nine million dollars provided for the funding of the feature film A Rainy Day in New York , already turned. The contract provided for envelopes, minimum of 9, 25 and even $ 25 million for the other three movies, provided respectively for 2018, 2019 and 2020, 68 million total.

In this assignment, Woody Allen also accuses the group of Seattle to not be insured, despite its contractual commitment, the distribution of A Rainy Day in New York , which is never out in the room and has not been put online on the video platform of Amazon.

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He says that his interlocutors explained that the decision had been taken due to “the repeated accusation,” of his “statements ” controversial” and “the refusal of more and more widespread among the actors and actresses for major work or to be associated with his name in any way whatsoever.” The director for four oscars, explains that it sought clarification as to these “charges,” and these “statements”, in vain.

He said that the unilateral breach of contract by Amazon has forced him and his production company, Gravier Productions, to cancel the “highly recognized” that had given their agreement to work with him.

Woody Allen’s haunted by charges of sexual abuse

Woody Allen has been accused of sexual abuse in 1992 on his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, who was then seven years old. The proceedings against him were discontinued after two separate investigations at the time, over several months. But Dylan Farrow, supported by her adoptive mother Mia Farrow and brother Ronan Farrow, has been regularly renewed publicly the accusations that Woody Allen has always refuted, the last time in January 2018.

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” I’ve been accused by a woman, in a case of custody of children (…) the accusation has been proved false. I was dragged in the mud with these people. “

Woody Allen

The filmmaker said at the beginning of June 2018 his support for the movement #MeToo, believing that he could be a hero. “I’ve been accused by a woman, in a case of custody of children, which has been the subject of an investigation and (the prosecution) proved it to be false. I was dragged in the mud with these people. I am a strong supporter of the movement #Metoo” said the director in an interview to the argentine television Canal 13.

in recent months, a number of actors and actresses who have worked with the developer have taken their distance publicly, indicating that they no longer wanted to shoot with him. Others, such as Javier Bardem and Alec Baldwin, have argued, recalling that the justice had never been able to establish the authenticity of the accusations against him.

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The relationship between Amazon and Woody Allen had begun with Café Society (2016), which the studio had bought the rights, before to produce and distribute a Wonder Wheel (2017), and then sign a commitment for four additional films.