Met at the top, between the company Akoreacro, circus artists and acrobats, and Pierre Guillois, a stage director, which one has the delightful God . Under the big top Akoreacro, they have built bridges between their two arts. Guillois proposed objects, the Circassians have retained those who are used to the appliance.

Micro-waves, washing machines, fridges… they are the lights and the scenery of the show. Guillois has tried to react to the troop to situations. These are they who are inspired by acrobatic figures. Naturally, the story went-esteem: a couple, of the mad passion to the scenes of the household. Thus it is written, In your heart , who comes in for fifteen days at the space chapiteau de la Villette.

Guillois fun also, in this story of a couple, to upset the space. The stage is round, it doesn’t matter. He throws the acrobats in front, zigzag, invents angles, transforms the scene into a centrifuge. As if the space of the track was sprayed into the adventure.

Who wants to be intense. Gestures of the everyday mixed with the prowess, the body entangled to the situations pack up and bounce. In your heart , which is accessible from 6 years of age, promises to be a spectacle not common!

Akoreacro, In your heart
Porte de la Villette, Xix arrondissement of Paris.
Phone: 01 40 03 75 75.
Up: 26 may
Schedules : from Wednesday to Friday at 20h Saturday at 19h, on Sunday at 16h.
Seats from 10 to 26 €.