Arms crossed, attentive, jacket and boots way marlboro, Adèle Haenel, 30 years old, seeks the right word. Insensitive to the “rant media” in Cannes. She was surprised to follow up the interviews. Hear, ask if she is a feminist. Spoiled by the news, the actress defends three films on the Croisette: Portrait of the girl on fire , Céline Sciamma, in the official competition, heroes never die , Aude Léa Rapin (critic’s Week), and Fallow , Quentin Dupieux, which opened the directors ‘ Fortnight.

“Each year is unique and how to live it differently”

Adele Haenel

In 2018, this Parisian of origin yielded already to the year of the promotion for In freedom!, de Pierre Salvadori, comedy off the wall where she stood with the widow of a police officer ripou. Adèle Haenel begin to be a accustomed places. “Each year is unique and the way of live different,” she explains. It is a chance to come here, to get excited about together for the film. I learned later that the selection of the film by Céline Sciamma, and, if …

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