They are behind the cancellation of a classic of the antique repertoire, they are also have launched the petition against a work of the artist Hervé di Rosa… members Of associations so-called “anti-racists”, like the defence League african black (LDNA), are now engaged at the paris exhibition on Tutankhamun at the Grande Halle de la Villette. The reason for this? The supposed african origin of Tutankhamun voluntarily denied by egyptologists and european commissioners in charge of the exhibition. It would be, if one believes these associations to a “false and a bleaching of the African story”.

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a Screenshot of a video shared on the account Facebook of the LDNA. screenshot Facebook

If the speech can be smile by its grotesque, its proliferation on social networks is seriously disturbing. Since the inauguration of the exhibition, the collective of the LDNA gathers in front of the entrance to demonstrate. A video published on their account, Facebook shows a group taking out two banners in front of the entrance of the Great Hall with slogans nauseating: “European and family, your genome is: a criminal, a hypocrite, a liar…”, can we read. Or again: “No to the theft of african history.” “The pharaohs were not white!”, chant some supporters. A video view more than 95,000 times.

that suggests the egyptologists. As Bénédicte Lhoyer, a doctor of egyptology, when asked by The Point . She denounces particularly the theses africanocentristes saying that the kingdom of Egypt was black. “In recent years, many discoveries have been made on the settlement of ancient Egypt, it was people coming from everywhere. Egypt is a corridor, it is also known that there were mixed marriages in the population”, she explains.

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Lane or not, the wind of the complotisme rushes everywhere. Witness this crazy theory would be that egyptologists have broken the nose of the statues and mummies to conceal the character impressed of the latter, proof of the african origin of the Egyptians. This would explain why the Sphinx was damaged in this strategic location (almost certainly because of Obelix…). On YouTube, the videographer Squeezie had elicited strong reactions from scientists after a video complotiste on the origin of the pyramids. Problem, this kind of speech leaves the canvas for the classrooms. Bénédicte Lhoyer, in the same interview given to our colleagues in the Point , admits to regularly face questions about the broken nose statues or be faced with students who “accuse us of spreading a vision of white the history of the […]. There is more dialogue is possible, which is both awful and damaging for all parties”.

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An interview that the LDNA was quick to comment on his Twitter account with the greatest of subtleties: “We are working to eradicate the ideological finale of the heirs of Hitler. The action of The Sorbonne (the cancellation of the drama of Aeschylus, The Suppliantes ) has enabled us to touch the heart of what is called the ethnohiérarchisme French.” Do not displease the critics, the exhibition Tutankhamen, the pharaoh’s treasury is to discover up to September 15.

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