“a Lot of people dream of having a dragon or, at least, to see one in real life”

Dean DeBlois, director of Dragons

And yet, it was not beating of the wing. The saga of animated films Dragons stops definitively, revealed its director at the festival of Annecy, after a worldwide success. Interviewed by 20 Minutes , Dean DeBlois feels “proud to have led the three-pronged” in 2010, 2014 and 2019. The last opus, Dragons 3: The hidden World , the story of Harold the Viking, and Krokmou, his dragon home, has raised more than € 500 million at the box office.

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Dean DeBlois, who also Lilo & Stitch , wants to devote himself to other writing projects and animation. Hardly evokes-t-he one regret, not being more exhausted the character of Grimmel, bloodthirsty dragon slayer who wants to take over Krokmou, and attack the town of Berk, where the emphasis is Harold. Before prevent: “I will not work on Dragons , to issue this character featured. The saga is beautiful and well finished.” But the successful franchise can continue to be exploited by the studios. In the form of a movie released at Christmas, as had been done by Disney with The Snow Queen .

Dragons to success

In ten years, the saga of the animation Dragons has raised more than $ 1.6 billion at the global box office. The second strand was awarded the Golden Globe for best animated film and the last. How to explain such a success? “I think that the saga has worked for two reasons, meets his author. The first is that a lot of people dream of having a dragon or, at least, to see one in real life. And the second is that the kids have grown up at the same time as my characters.”

Inspired by the novel of child How to train your dragon of Cressida Cowell, Dragons tells the unwavering friendship of Harold and Krokmou, from adolescence to adulthood. Throughout these three episodes, the amazing duo passes through vicissitudes of all kinds. The latter is marked by the arrival of a white female for which Krokmou ignites. So there’s a seduction scene hilarious.