The documentary are linked and the versions collide. After the documentary Leaving Neverland who accuses Michael Jackson of pedophilia and sexual abuse, Neverland Firsthand, has been published on YouTube. This 30-minute documentary aims to deconstruct the accusations of sexual and pedophilia of which the king of pop is the subject.

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Directed by Eli Pedraza and produced by Liam McEwan (who also plays the role of narrator and interviewer), the film, currently has more than 500,000 views since April 30, on YouTube. We discover the testimonies of relatives of Michael Jackson, including Brandi Jackson (his niece) and Taj Jackson (his nephew) as well as the Brad Sundberg , technical director of the artist.

“It is not to dishonor the victims and devalue their statements”

Neverland Firsthand

The description of the video points to the fact that it is not a case of “dishonoring the victims or devalue their words” but “to provide insights on the information that has been excluded from the first documentary, through the testimonies of people close to the situation, as well as members of the Jackson family”

While many people have criticized Leaving Neverland to its appearance as a unilateral, Neverland Firsthand highlights of the interviews, which could give a new perspective to the ongoing controversy.

Neverland Firsthan d , broadcast on YouTube

The key testimony?

“I’ve never seen around Michael Jackson a child who seemed to be grieved, injured, abused,” explains Sundberg in the film. “Neverland was a quiet, safe, and fun.” Throughout the film, all the relatives interviewed discredit the alleged sexual abuse that Michael Jackson is accused of.

Taj Jackson , now 45 years old explains that the words of love presented by the two accusers in Leaving Neverland were in fact words of encouragement. It has other similar notes, which he had himself received, as well as his brethren from the hand of Michael Jackson, signed “Uncle Doo Doo”.

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Brandi Jackson , the niece of Michael Jackson talking about Wade Robson (one of the two testimonies in the documentary Leaving Neverland ) that she met when she was a child. According to his testimony, Wade would have asked Michael Jackson to submit to Brandi. It would be followed in a relationship of 7 years. During her testimony, she denounces its appearance as a manipulator and describes as “opportunistic”, “a liar” and “unfaithful”.

“My relationship with Wade was not mentioned in the documentary Leaving Neverland , and it does not surprise me as I discredits everything he’s trying to hide (…) I find it fascinating that he thinks he can just erase 10 years of her life,” she says, now 37 years of age.

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according to the testimony of Brandi Jackson, Wade Robson has responded via a statement from his lawyer, sent to Billboard. “Miss Jackson was not with Wade and Michael Jackson when the sexual assault occurred, she has nothing relevant to say about it”.

last week, the director of Leaving Neverland , Dan Reed, was taken to task by Mike Smallcombe, biographer of Michael Jackson. According to him, one of the abuse recounted by James Safechuck could not take place on the dates indicated. An inconsistency that recognizes Dan Reed but who do claims, however, that the alleged victim was not abused during his childhood.