The case is to be taken seriously. The group Warner could stop any business in the State of Georgia if the conditions of access to ABORTION were reduced. Like other u.s. States, Georgia has recently adopted a law banning abortions when the heartbeat of the foetus are perceptible. This corresponds to approximately the sixth week of pregnancy, a stage when many women are still unaware they are pregnant. The Georgian law is expected to come into force in 2020, except invalidation by the court.

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Location of Avengers , Stranger Things and The Walking Dead

“We will closely monitor the situation and if the new law holds, we will consider a location other than Georgia for us new productions”

Press WarnerMedia

“We will closely monitor the situation and if the new law holds, we will consider a location other than Georgia for us new productions,” says WarnerMedia in a press release. “As always, we will work closely with our producer partners and our artists to determine how and where to shoot a project,” says the text. This week, the streaming platform Netflix and the world number one in entertainment, Disney (Marvel, Star Wars, etc) have both announced that they would consider them also to leave Georgia if this controversial law came into force.

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Thanks notably to the fiscal system highly beneficial in this southern State of the United States has been able to attract in recent years many film shoots, as the productions Marvel ( Black Panther , the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame ), and television series ( Stranger Things , Ozark , The Walking Dead …)on the other hand, WarnerMedia currently shooting in Georgia, the third installment of the series Conjuring and it was planned to produce a film derived from Suicide Squad .

economic Impact of $ 9 billion

last year, the filming in Georgia have represented the equivalent of 92,000 toƶ jobs, with an economic impact estimated at some $ 9 billion. Many stars and small independent producers had already called industry boycott of Georgia to protest against the restrictions on ABORTION.

the spearhead of the protest movement, the actress Alyssa Milano ( Madame is served , Charmed ) had even prompted recently the women to refrain “from any sexual relationship until we can regain our autonomy.” This call to the strike of the sex, launched by the star on the social networks, had aroused serious controversy and many mocking.

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