After the collapse of the bridge on the Yamal Peninsula started checking

Collapsed under a truck axle in the Yamalo-Nenetskogo Autonomous area was closed to travel and have not served, have informed in regional office of public Prosecutor.

the Agency began the investigation after the emergence of online video, which depicted the collapse and falling of the bridge Peterbilt.

According to the emergencies Ministry, the incident occurred on the technological highway in Priuralsky district, the wooden bridge washed away by water as a result of the flood.

the bridge was used by enterprises of fuel and energy complex in the construction of the railway Obskaya — Bovanenkovo.

“Despite the fact that near the bridge there is another road, the truck driver decided to pass on it, and the structure partially collapsed,” reads the SC.

we will Remind, the inhabitant of Yamal captured on video the bridge collapse at the 50th km of the highway from Obskaya to Bovanenkovo. As was seen in the record, the bridge collapsed under the weight of the truck. The driver managed to jump out of the cab and was not injured.

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