After two years of closure and 30 million of work funded by the Mairie de Paris and with the patronage of the Accor group, the theatre of the Nineteenth century found its luster of the past. Napoleon III had decided its construction, to respond to the anger of the Parisians, who had seen seven theatres of the “boulevard du crime” to vanish into the beaks of the baron Haussmann. The emperor had then decided to create both the Théâtre de la Ville and the Châtelet, in the heart of Paris.

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During the third and final phase of its renovation, which has just been completed, in addition to the installation of new technical systems and electrical, we déplombé and restored the facades, set to standards the system of fire safety, as well as the system of heating and ventilation. More anecdotal but highly visible, two little angels in the lead at the top of the roof have been renovated. As for the statues, allegorical of the facade, the Dance, the Drama, the Comedy and the Music, strangely disappeared at the beginning of the Twentieth century, they were, thanks to photographs of the day, repeat the same, carved in the stone of Saint-Leu and placed by a crane on the front. Finally, the old glass ceiling, backlit by the gas in the Nineteenth century is now illuminated by LEDS.

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Rich, 2000-seat, the châtelet, which is one of the largest theatres of Paris thus found its superb vintage. With at its head the british Ruth Mackenzie and Thomas Lauriot dit Prevost, who comes from the Theatre de la Monnaie in Brussels, the programming was announced as the contemporary, and the best of intentions. “A balance between young French and international talent, a place for the emergence because we want to encourage vocations” explained the duo. In the meantime, the headliners will be William Forsythe, who takes A Quiet Evening of Dance already presented at Montpellier danse, Abd el-Malik, who is interested in the Righteous Camus, and for the holidays, recovery from the musical An American in Paris .