I give thee, Yet one morning, When the music is good … all these tubes, and much more are now available on all platforms of music. “It is official since that night at midnight (…) Jean-Jacques Goldman is available in streaming,” said a spokesperson from Spotify to the AFP. “There is a real demand from our users,” explains Antoine Monin, director of relations, artists and labels, Spotify France.

On Twitter, the French platform Deezer is also pleased to be able to add to its catalogue “the impressive discography of Jean-Jacques Goldman”.

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An artist always present in the hearts of the fans

Very committed to the defense of the right of the author the singer was previously extremely reluctant to the idea of sharing his work on this kind of platform. But the rise of streaming has come to have reason, to the delight of the fans, of the resistance of the artist.

A very good surprise to wake up to all admirers of the singer. To such a point that the artist, who has not released disc for nearly 20 years, was trending on Twitter this morning.

For years, the composer and interpreter, 67-year-old, is discreet. His last (and very brief) appearance dates back to December 2018 in a video of her friend Patrick Fiori. Yet the singer continues to be among the most popular celebrity in French while he was living in London for several years and that it has not released any album since 2001. Its discretion, its contribution to the restos du cœur (which he left), the quality of his compositions and his performances continue to give him a place in the French song.

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