The sensitivity and otherness are his passions. Agnès Soral is interested in the other and it shows on the screen. After you have camped a grand-mother is very loving in the excellent adaptation for M6 d’ An airplane without it by Michel Bussi, she will leave in a few months for a big tour in France replay Toâ Sacha Guitry under the direction of Anne Bourgeois.

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LE FIGARO. – The title A plane without it evokes naturally Chao Pantin and the music of Charlelie Couture. Is it a coincidence?

Agnes SORAL. – I don’t know but I have to admit that is a strange spin of destiny. It may be that the developer has thought of unconsciously or consciously to Lola, the bride punk Michel (Coluche, editor’s note), in the film by Claude Berri. The time has passed, of course. The roles are different but I see a common trait between the character of Nicole, the grandmother of the heroine in A plane without it , and Lola: it is the extreme sensitivity to all beings and to life.

The movie into four parts of M6 is based on the novel by Michel Bussi. You are an avid reader of this author…

Yes, because his works focus always on the key issues of our time. Here, in A plane without it , the author explores with great subtlety the identity, or more precisely, the identity crises that one goes through during childhood and adolescence. And this is true even in families not dysfunctional. Michel Bussi key with this scenario something visceral and universal.

Can you tell us about the key characters of the film?

All the players around me have been great. Of course, I think Bruno Solo that melts perfectly into the skin of a police officer. I should clarify that in the book his role is different because the scenario is based on her character, on the narrative of its investigation. I can’t forget the composition of Pénélope-Rose bishops rank who embodies with an extreme accuracy the young woman torn between two families who believes hard as iron that it belongs to them.

You will soon be back on the boards. Can you tell us a little more?

Yes. I’ll take over the role of Lana Marconi in Toâ Sacha Guitry. There will be a nice troop since Patrick Préjean will resume the lead role of Michel Desnoyers, created on stage by Sacha in person, and Julie Arnold propose Françoise de Calas, the other female character of the piece. Anne Bourgeois will put in scene and I must admit that I look forward to working with a woman as talented. In Toâ I will renew with seduction and I am really looking forward to it. This is the beauty of our profession, one can pass from the universe of Michel Bussi to that of Sacha Guitry with the same joy and the same passion.

Like a plane without wings of Charlelie Couture in 1981.

Michel Bussi presents his book A plane without it