“No hard feelings”. On the occasion of the publication of her first novel, Alain-Fabien Delon was entrusted to you in a portrait given to the magazine It , on his father Alain Delon. Between love and hate, the relationship of this father with the words “delusional and megalos” with his son has been the source of inspiration for the model twenty-four-year-old, who admits the appearance autobiographical: “It is inevitable, we will draw parallels with reality”.

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“When I tell my life to friends, they say to me : ‘But this is Netflix, man!'”

Alain-Fabien Delon

During this interview, the third child of the actor says that he does have “the time to be in the hate”. “For a long time I’ve lived waiting for that slap” he says. Alain-Fabien Delon admits also to be paid for some time thanks to the notoriety of his father in “swinging folders on [his] father in the newspapers”. “There are no real relationships, there are no bad relationships, there’s just nothing, in fact,” he explained already to RTL in 2016. The following year, it was with Die Presse that he trusted the character of his father: “It makes people crazy.” There are a few months yet, Alain Delon’s acknowledged in the show Tea or Coffee on France 2, have always “helped” her daughter, Anouchka, more than his two sons. “They may have suffered, it is true,” he admitted then.

“In searching for a bottle of alcohol with my father, I am really fallen on his dead cat in the freezer!”

Alain-Fabien Delon

With of the race Of the lords , the younger brother of Delon seems to want to turn the page with this tumultuous past. By writing “something beautiful” and not “an autobiography trash”, the young man who played in the movie by Eva Ionesco, jeunesse dorĂ©e , released in the cinema on the 16th of January last, ensures not be “in retaliation”. Use his past for art, a purpose almost as therapeutic as that of his character. Alex Delval, the son of an actor, suffers from a very bad relationship with his father, and dark in the alcohol and anxiety. Before finally finding the hope, from a psychoanalyst, one day “becoming a self”.

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“today, I am a normal guy, proud of it and no hard feelings,” says Alain-Fabien Delon. Of his father, he now hopes that he “will live a long time for [the] arrive very high”. Model, actor and now writer, the last of the clan Delon has all the cards in hand to, in turn, emancipate themselves from the shadow of his father.