Alan is a single man. Every night when he got home, he hung up his hat and his overcoat on a nail surr the wall and waits for the next day. He has a fear of noise and the other, Alan. He doesn’t like the holidays, the body loud and fat that build up on the beach. He prefers to open a book on animals. It will never find any place to sit down in the bus. Then, when one night, a funny rabbit make of the scooter in his apartment, his routine commuter stowed turning it upside down.

a year and A half just after Never alone , a fresco dreamlike on the freaks forgotten by society, Mohamed Rouabhi rests his suitcases in Bobigny, france with a draft to be more humble: a simple tale general public for three actors. Three actors who barely speak. A voice-off, that of the author, the anime-like puppet out of papier-mache. Behind the masks, Pauline Collin, Hervé Sika and Lauren Pineau-Orcier is an actress, dancer and circus.

Mohamed Rouabhi in wonderland With no epileptic, Alan wanders in an apartment made of cubes that can be stacked. Pascal Gely/© Pascal Gely

With no epileptic, Alan wanders in an apartment made of cubes that can be stacked. Projected on the backdrop, very beautiful cartoons enclose the character in the crowd, in the forest, in the night. Through the window, he watches the towers infinite, Bobigny. Only the colors of his daily life, the records arc-en-ciel that he distributes every morning to the office, the beautiful Miss Jones. And then this rabbit that only he seems to detect.

there is No need to reveal the plot. This tale is darker and more complex than it looks. The children will not see the reference to the omen of the doppelganger, or the Double of Dostoevsky, which presents many similarities with Alan. May be more to these big ears that guide Alice in wonderland by Lewis Caroll. Even poetry psychedelic in Mohamed Rouabhi, which also puts on the back of the medication (with the intriguing Doctor’s Pills) the hallucinations of his hero. It is the poetic power of the author, who mixes images and a first-degree accessible to all.

“Alan could be a character from Never alone ,” he said. We find the same poetry social, his propensity to treat modern ailments: solitude, gnawing silently urban jungles, antidepressants, these new artificial paradise. But let us not deceive ourselves. Gaiety prevails. Alan trailing behind him in the same breath of fresh air that the Snowman of Dianne Jackson, who still crosses generations. A treat.

Alan , at the MC93, 9, Lenin blvd (93000, Bobigny, france)
Thursday, 4 to 14: 30 and 19: 30, Friday 5: 10am and 14: 30pm, Saturday 6 to 14: 30 and 18: 30.
from 9 years of age. Duration: 1: 15. Tel.: 01 41 60 72 72