The case deserved a scenario out of a comic strip. An album on the case of Benalla will be released this fall, have confirmed the editions of the Threshold with the AFP. “The editions du Seuil will publish in the autumn a comic strip about the case of Benalla, it will be signed by the duo at the origin of the case, Ariane Chemin and Francis Krug, journalists in the World,” said the editor, confirming information of the Sunday Newspaper . The album will be in collaboration with The Journal comic of which a designer should ensure the realization.

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reporter in the journal The World , Ariane Way is in the origin of the first revelations on the case of Benalla, ex-chargé de mission at the Elysée palace. The journalist was convened in may by the Directorate general of internal security (ISB) as the result of an article that appeared in The World January 20, 2019, entitled After the case of Benalla, the men in the shadows of Elysium in full light. The case of Benalla, which broke out on 18 July 2018, has held since the political debate. The World reveals images showing a man dressed as a police officer to molest demonstrators of may 1. The daily reveals that he is Alexander Benalla, chargé de mission at the Elysée palace, close to the president of the Republic. The beginning of a soap opera politico-media, with multiple nestings, which affect heavily the mandate of Emmanuel Macron.

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quarterly Review of current events in the comic strip, The Journal comic had already published in January (co-published with Delcourt) a graphic novel entitled Sarkozy-Gaddafi, tickets, and bombs , around the alleged funding of the libyan campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 with five journalists who investigated this case. She has just published (also co-published with Delcourt) BD green Algae, history forbidden , written by the investigative journalist, Inès Léraud.