“I’ll tell you: even if the country was to fire and blood, it would be out of the question that I rate such a thing!”. The replica of king Arthur reflects the enthusiasm of the fans of the French series, since the announcement of the official release of the first film Kaamelott . In a game of question and answer between the official account of the film, and that of Alexandre Astier, the director has been given with the quirky humor that we know him, “the date of the next official bank holiday,” according to an internet user. The first component of Kaamelott, will be released in theatres in October 14, 2020.

The series was concluded with a panel called “Arthur will return”. It took ten years before Alexandre Astier realizes the continued adventures of the king of Britain and brought to life his character, which we had left in a very bad state. “The end of the saga, in my mind has always been a trilogy of films,” explained the director in 2015. Despite the recovery of the rights of Kaamelott , the project has struggled to come to fruition. Originally planned for 2017, the filming only began in January of this year.

It is thus the result of the last season aired in 2009 that the director will give his fans. What is again the point on the end of the series, full of twists and turns. Depressed, Arthur had attempted suicide in the last episode of season 5, after having sought in vain, a child with potential who will inherit his throne. The last season consisted of a flash-back on his youth in Rome, on the reasons of its rise to power, and his encounter with all the main characters of the series. One discovers there in particular that he had had a wife before becoming king of Britain with the queen Guinevere (Anne Girouard). The last episode, we return to the castle of Tyntagell where Venec the smuggler (Loïc Varraut), take the dying king to Rome, and Lancelot (Thomas Cousseau), his right arm giving it the full powers, trying to kill. In a last flashback: no one knows if it is real or not, we see a child playing with Excalibur, his legendary sword. An image that implies that he might have had, with his roman wife, a small heir.

Moving and more profound than the rest of the series, the last two seasons have shown the dark side of Alexandre Astier. Kaamelott part 1 would leave again in a tone lighter. “I don’t think I write the same movie today that if I had written it there are 6 or 7 years, he told Metronews . It’s going to follow what I want to see it now, the actors with whom I want to play, the colour that I want to put it. It could have been darker at the time, out direct of the series. But now that I am no longer in the same state of mind, I might be more in the mood for messing around.” The director has not lost his sense of humor in his two animated films, Asterix: the Domain of The gods and (2014) Asterix: the Secret of the magic potion (2018). Little anxiety therefore for the result of Kaamelott .

The actor-director has not yet revealed the first names of the cast. During an interview on Frequency ESJ , the actor François Rollin, who interprets the king Loth, explained that it is “more than likely” that he was part of the adventure. Will there be the knights of the Round Table illustrated by Franck Pitiot (Perceval), Jean-Christophe Hembert (Karadoc), and Lancelot (Thomas Cousseau), Lionel Astier (Léodagan), and Anne Girouard (Guenièvre), and Nicolas Gabion (Bohort)? The fans hope, but the mystery remains.