Jacques Audiard and Wes Anderson had won her first Cesar as his first Oscar, the first in 2006, for the beat that my heart stopped . The second ten years later, to The Grand Budapest Hotel . Last week, the French composer failed to add two statuettes additional awards to its name, with these same two directors for Brothers and Sisters and Island dog . And even if it is passed to two fingers of the consecration, 2019 will remain to him a year to mark with a white stone.

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It will, in fact, seen the creation, at the Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg and the Bouffes du Nord in Paris, his first chamber opera: silence . More than a side step, a real return to the sources for this flutist training course singular, which recalls having started his profession as a composer by writing the music for the show of a friend clown. A “trick strange for flute, clarinet and tuba, we gave it this winter, when a white card at Radio France.

Inspirations japanese

If silence marks his return, waited on by very many of the French, the stage and the performing arts, the musical will also have a value of catharsis for Alexandre Desplat and Solrey, art director on most of his soundtracks, that sign by the stage and the videos. Adapted from a new japanese Yasunari Kawabata, the booklet recounts the disturbing experience, between quest fantasy, and metaphysical questions, a young writer came to visit a brother older who have lost all physical means to communicate. A deep reflection on the nature of creation itself and the status of the creator, deprived of his tools…

A story that touches Desplat and Solrey closely, since the latter, violinist inseparable from the composer, had to face a paralysis of the left hand. There is no doubt that the two artists have therefore put a lot of themselves in this chamber opera, for which Desplat, faithful to his habits, and was inspired by some codes of the japanese culture, without, however, compose a music japanese.

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The number three, a reference to the gagaku, the music of imperial japan, has inspired the instrumentation consists of three flutes, three clarinets, three percussionists and a string trio… Without surprise, the three voices give substance to this philosophical wandering and ghostly: that of the actor-narrator Sava Lolov, and two young singers of exception: the soprano Camille Poul and baritone Mikhail Timoshenko, a true revelation of the Academy of the Opera of Paris.

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