To one side, Jean-Paul Cisse (Franck Dubosc) “like a sausage without the sau”. Of the other Bruno, milf who wants to recover his wife (François-Xavier Demaison). The first satisfies the second coming to take advantage of the freedom in the sun, in a club in Guadeloupe. The first is lourdingue, the second taciturn. This is for the argument to start. We tire quickly. All Inclusive sounds like a joke of Bigard stretched out to an hour and a half.

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as Soon as the files record the Roissy airport, it is understandable that the film Fabien Onteniente will not fly very high. In the atmosphere falsely, tropical vacation club, the grimaces of François-Xavier Demaison was puzzled. They are barely offset by the inimitable allure of Franck Dubosc, covered by a huge parka red Laurent Wauquiez (in a much more uninhibited).

fans of Camping will comfort with the buttocks of Dubosc. But if we had loved in the saga of Patrick Chirac, they are, here, a little redundant, almost annoying. We thank François-Xavier Demaison to demand that they put a slip.

Monstrous Josiane Balasko

Josiane Balasko plays “Lulu, a widow and retired, but especially the widow.” His character has an obsession: as we look at his chest. She sleeps with Franck Dubosc between the two chairs, turns around a bar lap dance, distributes winks sensual. It is a celebrity, take it out of there. Thierry Lhermitte is not in the best position, hotel general manager is a homosexual whose role is yet to be defined.

Comes a host of unwanted scenes, between “competition plates” and farts in the pool and dancing to the rhythm to the sound of “Hakuna? Matata!” and “Couscous? Merguez!”. “There is no boat on it”, chuckles a leader of the holiday club when an iPhone falls in the water. Sadly it’s not the only joke that is splash. We are still looking to understand the meaning of some. Like when Dubosc, after his colleague explained to him the care of the outsourcing of meal trays in hospitals, and asked him if he had never thought of becoming a doctor. It’s serious doctor?

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