Correspondence to Moscow.

Kirill Serebrennikov has welcomed the new raising the fist in the court room in moscow Michansky. The Russian director, author of Leto , was presented at Cannes in may 2018, and assigned to residence for the summer of 2017 without a phone or the internet, was released Monday morning under judicial control. And the director of the Centre, Gogol, scene of reference of the artistic avant-garde Russian, will he be able to regain all the freedom to his work as a stage director he was until now through his lawyer. It is as well that he had put the last hand to a Cosi Fan Tutte that he had recently presented in Zurich and Hamburg, as well as Verdi’s opera, Nabucco. He studied the footage filmed during the rehearsals and lavished his advice back to the troop via a USB key.

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“not Everything is completed, we will continue all of this before the justice to prove our innocence,” said the artist sued for misappropriation of funds (€1.7 million). The other two defendants of the case Sedmaïa Studia, the name of the company that he had founded for staging shows financed by the ministry of culture, were also released. It had been denounced in the world of culture as a new attack in conservative circles russians against the artistic creation. At the opening of his trial in November, the prosecutor had accused the “coordinated criminal group” for purposes of personal enrichment. Him, rétorquait that he was involved in the creation of the only “artistic processes” and was not concerned with money.

apart from Leto , a chronicle of a famous singer of rock at the time of perestroika, Kirill Serebrennikov is the author of the cinema of the Disciple , which was awarded the François Chalais prize at Cannes. At the opera of the Bolshoi theatre, by the end of 2017, he could be represented Nureyev, a ballet dedicated to the famous dancer soviet star refugee in France. The First had been delayed, in particular because of a scene in which we saw the dancer in the most simple device, which, according to rumors had offended the very conservative minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. Previously, he had managed to climb to the Gelikon Opera, the play Chaadski , while its offices were raided. This last is taken from the work of Alexander Griboedov, The woe of the Spirit , which depicts the moral sufferings of a young aristocrat, Russian, influenced by the western values and subject to a conservative society.

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The art world was immediately hailed her release. “I wish this exceptional artist that he is only the first step towards a total liberation and rehabilitation”, said Georges Delnon, director of the Hamburg opera. For his part, the spokesman of Vladimir Putin has made no comment. The cultural Adviser to the Kremlin, Vladimir Tolstoy, has welcomed the “excellent news”.