He had called for a dome, but has finally settled for the lawn. Private festival after a whim, Kanye West has marked the spirits of festival-goers of Coachella during a performance in the open air. The american rapper has rocked the california desert at the rhythm of a choir, combining rap and gospel music, and Sunday. The interpreter of Flashing Lights was accompanied by a troupe of privileged people, this Easter weekend: Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, DMX, Ty Dolla $ign or Teyana Talor… All in pink dressed.

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hundreds of fans are gathered at the bottom of The Mountain, one of the hills in the vicinity of the event. In the middle of a huge lawn, Kanye West has performed several of her hits, such as Jesus Walks , All Falls Down in his “spiritual ceremony”. Some of the classics so, before revealing a title unheard: Water . Amen, say the fans, Yeezus (a contraction of his nickname Yeezy and Jesus), never does things by half.

During the three hours of delivery, Kanye West has reinterpreted several hits like Do I Do by Stevie Wonder and Try a Little Tenderness of Otis Redding. At the end of 2018, Kanye West was releasing a new album entitled Yandhi, , but was delayed for reasons that have not been specified.

Mass way Kanye

Since the month of January, Kanye West, organizes at his home in Los Angeles of “Sunday Service” Sunday concerts. The artist appears clad in white, in the middle of guests sorted on the shutter like Diplo, Kid Cudi, Tony Williams or even DMX. Thought of as the offices in the church, these small concerts mix times very gospel of his own classic songs such as I Wonder , or Jesus Walk . Surrounded by a large group of musicians and singers, Kanye is throne like the conductor of an orchestra.

The first sessions of these small weekly appointments wanted to be family or very intimate. The rehearsals were shared by his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Otherwise, no trace. But the sessions today are more open, particularly in the open air in the hills of Calabasas. Kanye West continues to maintain the image of guru mysticism that surrounds it. And never ceases to delight his fans.

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candidate for president of the United States to a preacher, evangelist, the megalomania of Yeezus has not finished surprising. He repeats the desire, it is a “creative genius”. A new messiah, in short. The one who is convinced that “God” would he be creating his own cult?