Altai officials banned representatives of tourist business to hold a meeting

the Administration of the district of Mima in the Altai Republic has banned representatives of the tourism industry stated at the 10 June meeting. According to news Agency “bankfaks”, organizers suggested to transfer the action to the time after the end of the pandemic, warning of violations of anti-epidemic measures.

the Chairman of the Association of tour operators of the region Tatyana Zyablitskaya told the Agency that the business has not yet decided what to do next. She previously said that the refusal of the authorities from agreeing to a protest action can be expressed in the pickets.

the Participants wanted to draw the attention of the Altai government to the plight of tourism in the region and to accelerate the resumption of the tourism industry, which had previously been postponed until June 22. This aroused the indignation of representatives of business and industry are dependent on local residents as to the time of resumption of the activities they are already almost three months without work and income.

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