With his fourth album, Titanic Rising , Weyes Blood takes a new place in the landscape of american rock. This young woman born Natalie Mering has found his pseudonym in the title of Wise Blood ( wise blood , in French), a novel of Flannery O’connor. On his new disc, it settles definitively account of a childhood: she grew up in a home of born again christians , these fundamentalist christians like America there are many. Younger, his father had released an album of new wave under the name of Sumner, on the label Elektra, directed by Jack Nitzsche, right arm of Phil Spector collaborator of the Stones and Neil Young.

While they had embraced the religion, Mr and Mrs Mering listened to it yet, Stevie Wonder, and Joni Mitchell, alongside the religious songs which they watered themselves their daughter. It completed his musical culture with the production of John Cale, Captain Beefheart and Sonic Youth. It admits also a …

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