Amid protests in the United States noticed the suspicious activity of Russia and China in Twitter

From may 30 protests in the United States more than 1.2 thousand times mentioned in the messages of the Twitter accounts associated with Russia and China. This writes Politico, citing its own investigation.

According to experts, the purpose of such actions was “the strengthening of an atmosphere of political distrust” in the United States.

“Russia is doing the same as always. But we first noticed that China was deeply involved in a verbal battle that does not directly affect the interests of Beijing,” said an expert in the field of combating misinformation on the Internet at the German Marshall Fund of Bret Schafer.

In particular, the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying has published a post with the words “I can’t breathe,” which became the motto of the protests in the United States.

Recall, African American George Floyd was arrested may 25 in Minneapolis. One of the policemen pressed his neck with his knee, and the detainee later died in intensive care. After the incident, nationwide protests erupted.

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