An activist has chained himself to the fence in front of the education Committee in St. Petersburg (photo)

the St. Petersburg activist Artem Grebnev staged a protest at the education Committee. The young man chained himself to the fence of the building and unfurled a banner “All right — 14 years”. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, said the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the unregistered party “Other Russia” Andrey Dmitriev.

the Protest action timed to the International children’s day. Grebnev demanded reduction of the age of majority. Not without slogans: “Old — move over!”, “You — past, we — the future!” “School is a prison!”.

activists also distributed leaflets. According to Dmitriev, the police have detained the participant.

“In today’s world teenagers are growing up earlier than in previous generations, so can quickly become full members of society. The government artificially extends childhood, because he is afraid of radicalism of the younger generation. <...> The government is based on elders, therefore, the development of society is artificially delayed. Earlier introduction of young adulthood will eliminate this imbalance,” from the release on the website of the Association.

we Add that the unregistered party “the Other Russia” represents interests of the national Bolsheviks. In March the head of the St. Petersburg branch of Andrei Dmitriev was beaten by unknown. In Union assault is considered politically motivated.

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