“there are only two seats?” is concerned about Pierre Palmade in front of the ticket office of the Theatre of the Madeleine. Yes. The lawyer Eric Dupond-Moretti and his girlfriend, the canadian singer Isabelle Boulay also have their own. They are not the only ones to want to attend the return of Gad Elmaleh, after twenty years of absence in one-piece choir. It was in 1999, the memorable fan Favorite played in against by Patrick Marber, with Anne Brochet, the mother of his son Noah. Meanwhile, he toured in a duo with his younger counterpart, Kev Adams, and it happened with his last one-man show, in English, American Dream , everywhere in the world, including the United States.

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Awarded in early February of a crystal Globe of honour for the whole of his career and ignoring accusations of plagiarism, Gad Elmaleh plays, and rather well, The Invitation , a comedy of Hadrian Raccah, alongside his accomplice, the actor Philippe Lellouche, who also wrote the screenplay. The argument holds in one line: squeezed by his wife (Lucie Jeanne), Daniel, lawyer, womanizer inveterate invite to dinner the (fake) friend, Charlie (Philippe Lellouche) with which it is supposed to pass all his evenings and part of his nights.

Gad Elmaleh is the “beauty” role, the role of the seducer undrinkable that he refined with his sister Judith. The public is conquered. Composed of 80% of the fans, loved ones and families, it cheers upon his entrance on stage. Recurrence when Philippe Lellouche takes his turn. Quick to share his enthusiasm to the slightest reply. And so what if Lucie Jeanne has not the right, it, the same reception when she was presented the first time to the public.

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an hour and A half, we didn’t laugh, we smile. There’s something of the dîner de cons in the character of Philippe Lellouche, but in much less worked. The character of the protagonists is drawn in a hurry. Without subtlety. Is it because it was the first? There are ellipses, quick shortcuts and twists and turns are unlikely to occur. The actors are directed as a minimum in the décor of a luxurious apartment that overlooks the Eiffel tower.

regardless, the trio will be entitled to a standing-ovation at the end of this comedy in half-tint. Éric Dupond-Moretti shouts several “Bravo!” . The lawyer is followed shortly by Isabelle Boulay, and then by Pierre Palmade and other spectators conquered. Not all of them. “Pay between 37 to 72 euros for that!” deplores a thirty-something woman disappointed. Dupond-Moretti will not fail to go to congratulate the actors in the scenes. The one who defends the brother of Mohammed Merah, is himself a product at the same Theatre de La Madeleine in Eric Dupond-Moretti at the bar a text co-authored with Hadrian Raccah under the direction of Philippe Lellouche.

The Invitation, of Hadrian Raccah, until 15 June, at The Théâtre de la Madeleine, 19, rue de Surène, 75008 Paris. 01 42 65 07 09 theatremadeleine.com


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