It’s not in Game of Thrones that families are torn apart. The conflict is more or less frozen between Anthony Delon and his father continues on the social networks. The son of the Samurai was held to be a “development friendly but necessary” with Alain Delon. “To avoid that my daughter is emmerdée in the coming days”, he says. In the viewfinder of the actor, in an interview given by his father in the columns of Nice-Matin .

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“The family Delon lives a little in me now,” explains Alain Delon daily nice. Anthony was now 55 years of age, it is not quite a kid. He has given me two granddaughters that I adore, one of which was 23 years and soon will make me great-grand-father.” Three small phrases which were quite annoyed Anthony Delon. “No dad, I’m not 55 but 54,” begins the actor. The second correction is more serious: “My daughter Wolf is not pregnant. […] You’re not going to be great-grand-father, and me, thank God, not grand-father right away.” The Cheetah has not, however, indicated how he had learned that her granddaughter was expecting a child. In addition, citing “two small girls”, Alain Delon forget the eldest of his sons, Alyson The Borges, born in 1986 a fling with a dancer at the Crazy Horse, and that Anthony has not recognized that it was ten years ago.

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Dad your serious !!?? Forgiveness Interview published this morning in a newspaper in nice @fanispring #tuveuxpastarreterunpeulolll #serieuxmaintenantfautmelaissertranquille

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“there is love between us, of course,” says Alain Delon in the interview. The journal dares to hope that “maybe they will all be there at Cannes to celebrate the honorary palme d’or which will be awarded Sunday to the actor’s 83-year-old. “We will be in Cannes if you invite us”, address Anthony Delon at his father. Sign that the son is not decided to cut ties with the paternal side.

Conflict on Instagram

Instagram has become, in recent weeks, the best way for Anthony Delon to speak to his father, even in an indirect way. On may 4, he was annoyed already of the errors of the documentary One day, a destiny ” on Alain Delon, and in particular on the lawsuit between the father and the son in 1985. A history of initials, AD, are embroidered on the products of the brand of Anthony Delon. Initials identical to those of… Alain Delon. “I found myself in court and I was sentenced to pay a fine to my father,” said Anthony Delon, only because on 3 prototypes of the jeans I had been sewing on the back pockets AD.” Before saying that “This trial it was the tip of the iceberg, a farce, a shot in the media. The real reason for the sudden stop of the brand it 30 years ago is much more dark…”

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Anthony Delon was also criticized indirectly his father, blaming him for his methods of education. Alain Delon, “I were locked in a cage with dogs for me to toughen up. I would have preferred that this information not be made public, he explained. This is not how it reinforces his kid. His child, if you want it to be strong, must be love, must be with him, give him courage, reassure him.” His last post addressed to his father is accompanied by two hashtags accurate: “You don’t want to stop for a bit” and “Serious, now leave me alone”. Message received.