Ushio Amagatsu does not dance. This is a first. But he signed even the choreography. She says her personal journey, the way out of darkness that he explores with his dance since its inception in 1975 until today. In Arc , it follows the path of the sun, from dawn to dusk. He confided dances to his faithful, increased by five young musicians, all men, white body coating of the tip of the toe to the top of the skull, dressed in fabrics that are as the skirts of buddhist monks.

In this crossing of the day, Amagatsu probe the energy of the performers and confronts the great movement of nature. You see what had attracted the nabis discovering at the end of the Nineteenth century, the prints of Utamaro and Hokusai: colour persisted, empty and full, of twists and turns that chisel away the gesture, waves of busts and arms. Men flowers. This passage of the day can be summarized in seven tables: “It’s raining on my star”, “Let them”, “Your past is my future”, “Extended serene above an ocean of lava”, “Three double-V”, “Crossing/reverse” and “Wait for dusk”. A program of choreographic, pictorial, and spiritual.

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