may 22, 2017, a bomb hit Manchester. There was 22 dead and 500 injured after this terrorist attack, organized at the exit of the concert of Ariana Grande at the Arena. Since then, the singer was not returned to sing in the city. On the occasion of his new big tour and his visit in Europe this summer (26 dates in England, France, Germany, Ireland, the netherlands until October 2019), she returned to the stage in Manchester, two years after this dramatic evening. A return to the occasion of the festival of the Pride of Manchester, on the 25th of August.

a Victim of post-traumatic stress disorder since the concert in Manchester, the singer was entrusted last year to the magazine Vogue . “I hate to admit it but this is the case,” explained she. The star at the top of his popularity did not wish to be perceived as a victim. “I know these families and my fans, and everyone made the experience. Time is the most important thing. I have the impression that I should not even talk about my own experience”, said she.

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Ariana Grande had promised that it would announce something special for the date of her world tour to Manchester. The singer has kept his word and has confirmed its presence at Manchester Pride Festival: an event for LGBT +, which hosts open-air concerts but also a pride. “We are truly honored to welcome Ariana again in our city to celebrate the LGBT life+”, said Mark Fletcher, one of the organizers of the pride of the city. A sense that she also shares, on his Twitter account: “Manchester”my loves! I’m so excited to be the headliner of the Pride. My heart. I’m so excited to see you and I love you so much”

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An ally of the LGBT cause

Despite the criticism on the whims of a diva, Ariana Grande has always advocated tolerance and love for all. Shocked by the shows organised in France against the legalization of gay marriage in 2013, it considers that the issue of homosexuality should not be a problem. “It disgusts me to see people who are so intolerant and so silly. Sorry if it offends some, but what narrow-mindedness. These people buy a life!”, had carried the interpreter of Thank U, Next , which takes “very seriously” this debate.