Fans of Sunflowers to your zapettes. At Eternity”s Gate of Julian Schnadel will be available on the platform of Netflix as early as 15 February. Its director, who in 2008 the Diving bell and The Butterfly nominated for an academy award and awarded at Cannes and the Golden Globes, has chosen Willem Dafoe to portray the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh in this new biopic. We will find in the role of Paul Gauguin, Oscar Isaac, recently recruited by Denis Villeneuve for his adaptation of Dune . Rupert Friend ( The Shadow of Emily , Homeland ) played the brother of Vincent, Theo, and Mads Mikkelsen will play the role of a priest.

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Julian Schnadel is inspired by the letters that the Dutch painter has written – there are 819 after the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam – as well as the events of his life, rumors and “moments real or purely imaginary”, to realize this new feature. Yet it is not a question of official biography: “The Van Gogh of my film is a direct result of my impressions in the face of his canvases, and not what people have written about him,” says the director.

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By choosing to be distributed by Netflix, At Eternal”s Gate becomes the third film nominated for an academy award 2019 to turn to streaming instead of to theaters, like The Ballad of Buster Scruggs , the western in the six segments of the Coen brothers, and Roma , feature length film almost autobiographical of Alfonso Cuarón. “Netflix has established itself in ways quite aggressive as the only one able to release the film to the four corners of the world”, explained the director in October. If Roma is the leader in nominations, a tie with Favorite of Yórgos Lánthimos, including best film and best director, Buster Scruggs has only three: one for best adapted screenplay, best costumes and best original song for When a Cowboy Trades in his Spurs for Wings .

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At Eternity’s G ate is worth this year, Willem Dafoe won his fourth appointment by the Academy of the Oscars and his first in the category of best actor. Previously, he had been appointed to the Oscar for the best supporting role for Platoon (1987), the Shadow of The vampire (2001) and The Florida Project (2018). In September 2018, the actor has won the Coupe Volpi for best male performance for his interpretation of the painter with the severed ear.