Clearing away the rubble without interfering with the investigation, complete the installation of the umbrella to protect the building, dismantle the stained glass windows to facilitate the installation of a double row of beams above, and below the vault…The secure Our-Lady-of-Paris that was partially destroyed by a fire on 15 April proves to be as delicate as long.

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This essential introduction to the diagnostic phase will not be completed before the summer. “We are still in the phase of ensuring the security and protection of property, it will take at least 4 months,” said Friday during a press conference Frédéric Létoffé, chair of the Group of companies of restoration of the monuments historiques (GMH), which includes approximately 200 companies. Currently, 80 people are mobilized for this initial phase, both during the day and the night.

in practical terms, the securing of Our Lady was initially involved in the setting up of an umbrella, to be completed in the next few days, to protect the site from bad weather. Then will begin a long work especially careful. It will in effect establish a vast network of beams above and below the vaults of the building. This structure will prevent cave-ins, always dreaded. “They are going to stay for a certain time because they will also be used (…) to work on the vaults”, pointed out Frédéric Létoffé. Specifically, more than 1000 square meters of stained-glass windows will be filed by specialized craftsmen.

Caution on delays

as Soon as the next week will begin the long and delicate removal of tons of rubble, which will be thoroughly examined for the purposes of the police investigation to determine the cause of the fire. Then only will commence the diagnostic phase, driven by the architect Philippe Villeneuve.

The issue of the restoration times, and turned to politics that it seems to take, is always treated with the greatest caution. “We don’t know the structural condition of the vaults, both the result of the fire and arrival of water intended to extinguish it”, said Frédéric Létoffé. This one is a little more optimistic that in the aftermath of the disaster. Just after the fire, it was estimated that 10 to 15 years would be required. Now, he considers that the time period could be shorter if, in particular, the administrative procedures were facilitated. To take the five years mentioned by Emmanuel Macron, this will be a minimum.

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