At the Mariinsky theatre began the first rehearsal

At the Mariinsky theatre began the rehearsal process. This social networking talk artists of the Mariinsky theatre. Video of rehearsals have also been published in the social media theatre.

according to the source of “Rosbalt”, the ballet soloists conducted classes for several people. Opera singers have started to attend private lessons with accompanists. We are still talking about the leading artists of the Mariinsky theatre. They divorced in classes and lecture halls.

Recall, the Mariinsky theatre is closed to visitors from March 18 due to pandemic coronavirus. The rehearsal process was discontinued after a few days, on March 23. According to the Director of the theater Valery Gergiev, the Mariinsky losses estimated at one billion rubles. Meanwhile, according to the source of “Rosbalt”, the main soloists of the troupe Gergiev has allocated about 100 thousand rubles as of “support”.

Add that at the present time all around the world are closed all the leading theatres. In particular, according to The New York Times, new York’s The Metropolitan Opera has cancelled performances scheduled for fall 2020. Artists who are not receiving salaries since March, live at the expense of patrons.

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