The auction rooms are old bones. Fossils of dinosaurs do not end up igniting the auction anywhere in the world. On April 16, in Paris, four specimens of the Jurassic and Cretaceous superiors, dating back to 72 and 161 million years ago, are proposed to the auction, announced on Wednesday the hôtel Drouot, which will host this sale.

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fight Scene between two dinosaurs, (Estimate: 600.000/700.000€). Valentina Cosulich

Estimated to be between 600,000 and 700,000 euros, a Ornitholeste, one of the most agile and ferocious carnivores, and an Othnielia, dinosaur herbivore, discovered in the county of Johnson, Wyoming in the United States, will be presented together in a fight scene. Another couple formed by a Hypacrosaure-to-peak and its small, discovered in Montana, complete the catalogue with a high estimate at 900,000 euros!

An ammonite 150 million years ago

during the same auction, eleven stones aliens, including a fragment of Moon fell on the Earth there are several hundreds of years, and weighing 371 grams go under the hammer. Estimated up to 45.000 euros, an impressive trace of an ammonite, a mollusk céphalopode, describing the path traveled by the animal at the bottom of the sea about thirteen meters, there are nearly 150 million years ago, is also put to auction after three days ‘ public exhibition from 13 to 16 April, Drouot.

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In June, Paris must also accommodate the sale of a dinosaur herbivore of the Jurassic era, cousin of the Diplodocus, shown standing on its hind legs. It is valued at two million euros for its high estimate. In November, two skeletons of dinosaurs, an Allosaurus and a Camptosaurus, estimated, each with between 500,000 and € 800,000, have not found a buyer, the reserve price has not been reached, then an expert had challenged the wording of the notices of presentation of the two specimens.

The panic of the markets concerned in any case the scientific. Several voices were raised to denounce the harmful consequences of such sales on the research and on the public access to these specimens.